Our methodology
Our working method is based on an agile approach, which gives reactivity and satisfaction to our customers.
Flexibility, communication, attention and originality are at the heat of our process.
Vigo Universal incorporates its IT, Design, Event and new digital technologies skills to promote an original and personalized approach to each customer.
Thanks to this approach, we are involved at the center of your projects to give technical solutions in accordance with your needs.
A first exchange constitutes an essential phase to figure out your desires, anything you're dreaming of!
The purpose of this phase is identifying your needs and your expectations, your target audience,
the spirit and the feasibility of your project, the message you would like to deliver... while respecting your budget!
During the production phase, a designed project manager will constantly monitor the project and act as your privileged contact.
Follow-up, maintenance and evaluation are an important phase in the creation of a project.
High Technology for Digital Applications & 3D Scanning!
The group activity is divided in four axes: Replica, IT, Event and Design. Each department is independent but enjoys a common knowledge of skills & capabilities focused on ICT and new emerging technologies. Thanks to this unique cross-knowledge of capacities, Vigo Universal is able to reply to most of the request of its customers in an original, professional and innovative way. Different practices and expectations on different markets create at the end a mix of innovation, creativity and performance. When impossible becomes possible, dream turns into reality!
Our event agency put innovation at the heart of your event. Vigo Event is dedicated to the creation of creative concepts for events. We use a panel of new technologies to enhance your classical events or special promotion actions. From fire, sound & light shows to virtual reality applications, we realize your dreams!
The Communication department, Vigo Design, embraces the full spectrum of competences available inside the group to reply in the most innovative way to the customer requirements. We improve your visual identity with new digital technologies. Vigo Design also organizes conferences about innovation and communication.
The Replica department is dedicated to 3D. Its key activities are focused on historical heritage, prototyping and 3D body scanning. Our open space dedicated to new digital technologies is equipped with 3D printers, 3D scanners, laser cutters and milling machines. The level of expertise in these techniques combined with a 3D modelling competence allow us to create innovative 3D experiences.
Vigo IT is the software development department of the company. Vigo IT is active in 4 domains: virtual reality, augmented reality, gesture recognition and serious game. Thanks to these wide domains of knowledge, we can propose innovative concept fitting to the most challenging request. We develop full innovative solutions or act as IT consultancy for complex projects.