Custom applications

Consulting service and development of custom applications for professionals : seirous games, gesture recognition, mobile application or content management software.

Virtual reality

Development of virtual reality applications in the field of entertainment, marketing and training. Renting service of playful applications for your professional events.

Augmented reality

Development of augmented reality applications for tourism and cultural sectors. Development of custom applications for professionals.


Renting service of technological activations for your events. Evangelization of new digital technologies trough trainings, lectures and masterclass.

3D Body scanning

3D data capture and processing of human-beings by photogrammetry. 3D studio for your professional events or marketing activities.

3D scanning

3D data capture and processing thanks to various technologies, particularly for Heritage Conservation, prototyping and 3D printing.

Additive manufacturing

3D printing service thanks to SLA, FDM and SLS techniques, especially for prototyping, Heritage conservation and promotion but also education.

Substractive manufacturing

Laser cutting and engraving service on various materials such as wood, leather and Plexiglas for model design, creation of trophies or decors...