arlon museum 3D printing
Heritage promotion
100 years of the Coca-Cola bottle!
Orryflammes fire show at Bellewaerde park
Bellewaerde summer night openings
Agoria ICT s yearly event digital revolution
Agoria ICT’s yearly event 2015
augmented reality business card
Saint James Way brochure
The life-sized Stargate
Stargate Project
Virtual reality applications
Moonwalk VS Marswalk
Space simulator
Space simulation
softnight anti snoring device 3D printed model
Birds 3d printing
Educational project for blind people
Lunard base 3D printing
Lunar base mock-up
Agoria’s yearly event 2016
Sciences au Cinéma
3D printing model civil engineering
PMC Colinet model
Custom 3d figurine
A customized 3D figurine
Trends Gazelles Trophy
Trends Gazelles Trophy
Solvay Trophy
Solvay Business Service Trophy
Hector : the 3D avatar
Application Clap
CLAP! Découvrez les plateau de tournage du Namurois!
fire show for diabolo inauguration in Brussels
“Diabolo” railway line inauguration
Horus 3D printing
Horus goodies
Liège Virtual Week
Liege Virtual Week
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Welcome Namur
Educational projects in 3D printing
Cap Sciences workshops